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His man was mounted to
who loved the spear and lance.
‘Christ keep this castle true,’
he chanted. ‘Grant good chance.’

The castle was buzzing with a soft stream of anticipation. While they were all very aware that they were not in fact supposed to be excited - the King had just died, after all - they were all struggling to hide the anticipation they felt in regards to Camelot receiving a new king.

Arthur was the people’s king. He cared about the people, he fought for the people, he bargained for the people and, well, the people loved him. There was not a woman in the entire kingdom who’s pulse didn’t flutter at the mere mention of his name. There was not a girl who didn’t dream of becoming a queen. Though, realistically they knew that it would never happen. Not because they were peasants but because Arthur had already chosen someone. Arthur had chosen Merlin.

The girls and women had initial felt aggrieved, until they’d realised that they rather liked the idea of the Prince - the king now - loving a man much more than they liked the idea of him loving a female who was not them and so it didn’t seem to matter much. And it definitely wasn’t affecting the numbers who gathered to watch the coronation of their King.

They watched as he was mounted on his thrown, as he was sworn into the seat that he sat in and they listened to the speeches and the poems and the bold, traditional chants of, “Christ keep this castle true! Grant good chance!” Before the King stood up and the amassed crowds fell to their knees. Bowing their heads in a mark of respect; looking up to witness Merlin joining them in their actions - falling to his knees too. Kneeling comfortably next to Arthur.

Arthur nudged him gently with his foot and said, “Get up here, Merlin.” Before he dragged Merlin upwards and wrapped an arm around his waist. The watching crowds smiling as they repeated the chant in unison. The castle would be kept true, as true as the two hearts that kept it alive and well. The beating, giving hearts of King Arthur and Merlin.


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Nov. 1st, 2011 11:35 pm (UTC)
*grins* Brilliant!

Thanks for taking part :) Masterlist is now going up on Friday as I have a few people who are having RL issues and have had to delay, so it should be done then. :)

Nov. 2nd, 2011 12:20 pm (UTC)
Nice! Great to see a concise and sweet Merlin fic :) I love Arthur pulling Merlin up with him and the crowd knowing of their relationship :)
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